Unit Outlines

Unit 1 - Renaissance and Reformation

> The End of the World as We Know It: The Calamities of the 14th Century

> The Angelic Doctor makes the world safe for Reason: Thomas Aquinas, Logic and the High Middle Ages

> Breaking the Medieval Matrix: The Age of the Renaissance brings Humanism, Individualism and Virtu

Unit 2- Wars of Religion in the Golden Age of Monarchy

> From killing in the name of God, to killing in the name of the State: The Thirty Years War

> I am the State: The foundations of the Absolutism of Louis XIV

> Henry IV: Selfish or Saintly?

Unit 3 - Scientific Revolution and The Enlightenment

> The Scientific Revolution:  From Medieval Cosmology: Ptolemy, Aristotle, and crystalline spheres to Harbingers of New Science: Bacon and Decartes to Observers and Counters: Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo and Newton to  Popularizers: Pope, Fontanelle, Locke and the Royal Society

> Mercantilism and the Bubbles: from the Dutch Tulip market to Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand

> Enlightenment Thinkers: self-appointed therapists for a new society.

Unit 4 French Revolution and Napoleon

> Class Divisions and the Origins of French Revolution

> Pendulum of Power – Stages of the French Revolutionary Governments from Liberal to Radical to the Napoleonic Imperium

> Napoleon: Dictator or Enlightened Despot?

Unit 5 - Industrial Revolution and Social Change

> Steam and Microchips: Technology as the Engine of Social Change

> Somewhere over the Rainbow:: Social Utopians confront the dark underbelly of the Industrial Revolution

> Action and Reaction, Revolution and Counter Revolution: Europe in 1848

Unit 6 - Nationalism in the Age of Progress

> Brain, Soul and Sword: Italian Unification

> The Iron Chancellor’s Socialist Buyout: Bismarck and Social Insurance Laws

> Jihad vs. McWorld: What is a Nation State?

Unit 7 - Imperialism and the Great War

> Philanthropy vs. 10%: David Livingston, Cecil Rhodes and Leopold’s Ghost in Africa

> Inner Space and Outer Space: Einstein, Freud and the Genesis of Postmodernism

> Making the World Safe for Democracy? - The Court at Versailles : History vs. the Big Four’s responsibility for World War II

Unit 8 - The Russian Revolution and the Soviet Union

> Serf’s Up! - The Tsar Liberator and the First Russian Non-Revolution

> Peace, Land and Bread, Lenin’s Minority Revolution

> Stalin – Hero of Industrialization or Villain of Totalitarianism?

Unit 9 - The Rise of Totalitarianism and World War II

> Peace at any Price: The Failure of Appeasement

> National Socialism and the epitome of totalitarianism

> Ordinary Germans and the Holocaust: Middle Class Genocide

Unit 10 - Cold War and End of the 20th Century

> Mutual Suspicion: Origins of the Cold War

> Collapse of the Soviet Union, the breakup of Yugoslavia and "ethnic cleansing”

> The European Economic Union and the Eclipse of the Nation State