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AP European History Course General


AP European History Course Description (.pdf/4.50MB)

Official description from the College Board


The AP European History Exam

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DBQ Guides

Other AP European  History Class Sites

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Writing Skills

History Skills

Guide to Writing History Papers

 from Todd F. Carney Southern Oregon University

UNC Writing Center Handout | History

 from the University of North Carolina

How to Write a History Paper

 from Brown University

Reading, Writing, and Researching for History: A Guide for College Students

from Bowdoin

The Writing Lab at Purdue Handouts

  Purdue University

UW Online Writing Center

  University of Wisconsin at Madison

Active vs. Passive (the never-ending verb fight)

The Guide to Grammar and Writing 

  from Capital Community College Foundation

Common Errors in English

effect or affect? who or whom? etc from Washington State University

The Writer's Workshop

Note Grammar Handbook and APA citation guidelines from the University of Illinois 

The Columbia Guide to Online Style

  from Columbia University

Making Sense of Evidence

strategies for analyzing online primary materials